— Our Annual Winter Closing —
Salisbury Breads will be closed from
Monday, March 2 through Wednesday, April 1
We reopen Thursday, April 2 at 10am

Madame Croissant Has Left for
Recipe Research in Warmer Climes!

Madame CroissantSHE'S GONE —
Yes, Madame Croissant has left the building! Apparently, she could take not a day more of this dreadful winter.

The only thing that could be found on her Louis XVI escritoire was this brief note:

I'm winging my way to warmer climes for a bit of annual recipe research. Close the bakery! ... I shall return before Easter, fresh as a daisy and will open shop Thursday morning, April 2, at 10am sharp!

Soldier on without me, MES AMIS!

Madame Croissant


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I'm in the Mood for Mince Pie— I always know it's nearing Christmas when I start to get requests for mince pies. Mince pie is one of those holiday foods that is so specific, so delicious, that it really only arrives once a year - at Christmas. I fell in love with mince pies while I lived abroad and I can't help but feel that it is ... Read more, see photos, and leave your comments; we’d love to hear from you.



French Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, Key Lime

Just look how much deliciousness ...
pops out of one chic little shop!

. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. Elegant Cake
. .
. .
. Cheese Assortment
. .
Alfajores Caviar
. Overflowing Berry Pies
Tomato-Olive-Onion Tart Flapjacks
Caviar Georgian Cheese Bread
. .

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Salisbury Breads Meets the Press

“Perhaps that is because word has spread about baguettes that rival any made in Paris.”
... Read more in the Litchfield County Times

“There’s nothing more alluring than the aroma of fresh baked bread, and now this scintillating scent is wafting through the streets of Salisbury.”
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To Host a Special Event or for Fine Catering
— Hathaway Young


“For special occasions what could be more extraordinary than a private affair hosted amid the carefully restored elegance of a stately Greek Revival home?
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What People Are Saying About Salisbury Breads
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“FINALLY there’s really great bread in the Northwest Corner ... Thank you so much.”
—Cindy and Max, Norfolk, CT

“I’ve become addicted to your sticky buns and Salisbury sweet rolls. My personal trainer thanks you.”
—Helen M., New York City

“As you know I buy a baguette and a ficelle every day, and they are just as delicious as my local bakery in Paris. Thank you so much for coming to the area.”—Thomas, Millerton, NY

“……I so enjoyed speaking with Bruce the baker and discussing all of his wonderful breads. I know my baking and he’s so knowledgeable!” —Anne G., Hudson, NY

“Our children start talking about your sticky buns the minute we leave the city, and of course the ficelles make great swords ... until they’re gobbled up!” —Brian and Susan, NYC

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