Stay on Top of Your Game
This Delicious Holiday Season ...

With Madame Croissant’s Easy Fitness Tips!

Madame CroissantFROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART ....
I love/love/love … really ADORE the Christmas season, but to get ready for all the hullabaloo & DELICIOUSNESS of the holidays, I go through HELL! Not only are my team and I creating/creating/creating and cooking/cooking/cooking but I’m also tasting/tasting/tasting, and believe me — it’s not so easy to stay fit and look like ME … Madame Croissant! SO, all autumn I’ve been keeping up with my GYMNASTIQUE which includes swimming. That sweetie-pie Michael Phelps (when he’s not ahem, “indisposed”) has been most helpful with my relay turn-arounds and oo-la-la his butterfly stroke really helps keep my weight down! I’m always reminding Flipper (Michael’s pet nom du H2o) that Esther Williams was a dear, dear friend of mine … and that he needs to lighten up with his highbrow Johnny-come-lately swimming attitude! Then there are my fencing lessons (have taken them for years). Dougie Fairbanks and I were dear, dear friends! (I was an extra in The Mark of Zorro, but that’s for a later blog.) I always find that with my exercise it’s best to have a goal set before me, so I pretend my EPÉE is a skewer and my LUNGE is loading the skewer and the ATTACK is searing the kebabs for my world-renowned SHASHLIK (recipe to be discussed in my Russian Orthodox New Years blog). FYI—Madame Khrushchev stole the recipe ... Nikita was a dear, Nina a cow.

And so my dears ... the point of the above epistle is that I want all my many, many fans to know that I KILL MYSELF to stay on top of my game both mentally and physically — FIT/FIT/FIT to keep coming up with the superior deliciousness that is the trademark of my teeny-tiny, but très-très chic Salisbury Breads!

I wish everyone a blessed, happy, healthy and
prosperous holiday season!

Bruce Young Salisbury Breads Blog
I'm in the Mood for Mince Pie— I always know it's nearing Christmas when I start to get requests for mince pies. Mince pie is one of those holiday foods that is so specific, so delicious, that it really only arrives once a year - at Christmas. I fell in love with mince pies while I lived abroad and I can't help but feel that it is ... Read more, see photos, and leave your comments; we’d love to hear from you.

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French Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, Key Lime

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. Elegant Cake
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. .
. Cheese Assortment
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Alfajores Caviar
. Overflowing Berry Pies
Tomato-Olive-Onion Tart Flapjacks
Caviar Georgian Cheese Bread
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—Helen M., New York City

“As you know I buy a baguette and a ficelle every day, and they are just as delicious as my local bakery in Paris. Thank you so much for coming to the area.”—Thomas, Millerton, NY

“……I so enjoyed speaking with Bruce the baker and discussing all of his wonderful breads. I know my baking and he’s so knowledgeable!” —Anne G., Hudson, NY

“Our children start talking about your sticky buns the minute we leave the city, and of course the ficelles make great swords ... until they’re gobbled up!” —Brian and Susan, NYC

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