Madame Croissant’s
Summer Wedding Dilemma ...

Madame Croissant


... as my intended, Massimo Panettone, Duca di Ciabatta (“Momo” to his intimates), will not make up his mind and set a date for our wedding. GRRRrrrr! Italians … really! I sure wish that Momo had picked up a few pointers from his Dear Friend Graf von Sonnenblumenkernenbrot, who despite his womanizing ways, knew how to run a tight ship and say ja at the right time!
Well, as you can see I’m plowing full steam ahead and at the very least making sure that my family bridal tiara is all ready to go at a moment’s notice, all spit and polished!
Anyway, the good news is that I’ve figured out our entire wedding dinner menu with the fabulous Executive Chef Bruce Young, so at least that’s in the hopper and is one less thing on my “to-do list.” Now if I can only get Momo to pull himself together and commit. I certainly hope that our close friendship with Silvio Berlusconi (now he’s fun!) isn’t throwing a wrench in our wedding plans…

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I'm in the Mood for Cornsticks — This time of year we have a lot of people coming into the bakery looking for things to take to a friend’s house for supper, picnics and cookouts. I can barely keep up with the demand for pies, and well, as for the gluten-free brownies … they fly out of the place! But today, I thought I'd share a recipe about a real summer special ... and that’s cornbread. Read more & leave your comments; we'd love to hear from you.

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Summertime Specialties
at Salisbury Breads ...

Cucumber Pea SoupCucumber and Pea Soup!

Two of our chilled-soup summer favorites! Minted Spring Pea ... which is not only delicious but just happens to be a staggeringly beautiful color, and our lovely cooling, refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber. These are always available, but if there’s a nip in the air ... please call or stop by to see what Bruce has got up his sleeve in the soup department!

Overflowing Berry PiesOur Succulent Overflowing Pies

... have made a real impact. These are the real deal: Mixed Berry Crumble, French Apple, Pecan — even Pumpkin year round — are some of the yummy pies that are baked daily. But now that summer is upon us, it’s Bruce’s Key Lime Pie that we can’t manage to keep in the fridge! Best to call ahead, as they FLY out of the place!

If you have a favorite — please let us know!

ChallahChallah—Beautiful & Delicious

Our Challah is made and sold on Friday for the Sabbath. And if there's any left over, it is delicious used as day-old bread in French Toast, or if you have the time and energy, try Bruce’s trick of slicing it very thin and layering it in a summer pudding!

GranolaOur Famous Homemade Granola

We know what you're thinking: Granola, Schmanola, what's so special about that? But this stuff is truly awesome — great for breakfast, most excellent for snacking. Bruce has been perfecting his recipe for years ... and because of the parents of local boarding school kids ... we now fill orders from all over the country!

Tomato-Olive-Onion TartTomato, Caramelized Onion &
Olive Tart

With a green salad and a glass of white wine, these tarts make for a real summer luncheon or supper treat! They were originally done only occasionally but have become so popular, that Bruce is making them quite regularly. Still: Since this is a true specialty, it’s always best to call ahead and reserve or pre-order.

BiscuitsCheddar Cheese & Rosemary Biscuits

These have become a mainstay of everyone’s cocktail hour in the Northwest Corner ... so why not get on the bandwagon and keep some in your pantry for unexpected “sun over the yardarm” guests?

BreadOur Famous Bread Rack—
Fresh Daily!

Baguettes, Miches, Boules, Walnut-Rye, Ficelles and Multigrains!

After all ... our artisan breads are what have put us on the map. So don’t forget the bread along with some of our amazing sweet-cream butter that is truly out of this world!

Cheese AssortmentDelicious Artisanal Cheeses —
New Arrivals!

Our ever changing array of specialty cheeses makes for splendid pairings with your favorite wines. These cheeses are unique and complex, so why not create a spread to begin your next dinner party? ... And don't forget a few loaves of crunchy, fresh Salisbury Bread!

(Dulce de Leche Filled Madeleines)

From the Arab word for honeycomb, a Spanish delight that made its way to Argentina where luscious Dulce de Leche was substituted for nuts & fruits. Think of Proust Madeleines on steroids! Breakfast in Buenos Aires? ... Coming right up!


A perfect light lunch or lakeside picnic dinner! Forget everything you've heard about quiche: Bruce uses a homemade pastry and creates deep-dish delights with a variety of fillings. And we're happy to discuss whatever ingredients you happen for have a yen for. The talk of the NWC!

Spiced PecansSpiced Pecans

A reworked family recipe from 19th-century Galveston. Nothing sugary about these Georgia pecans. They have a bite to them and are ideal at cocktail time, sprinkled on a salad or just to have handy in case you have the vapors or are feeling a mite peckish!

Georgian Cheese Bread Classic New York Style Cheesecake

Creamy and delicious, baked in a not-too-sweet crust with a special sour-cream icing. This is one of Lorelie’s specialties ... or, as we refer to her around the bakery our “secret weapon”!

$40 for 12 generous servings!

Elegant CakeDelicious and Oh-So-Elegant Cakes

Ooh La La! Sumptuous, scrumptious cakes ... delicious and moist ... with jaw-dropping designs! Multi-tiered creations! Stunning cakes to make your Special Event truly memorable!

Be sure to have a look at our entire cake Web Page—


Definitely not pancake! In that bag are the most delicious, most sinfully yummy Golden Syrup infused oat bar treats you have ever put in your mouth.

One of those things you will hide, even from your best friends!

Your Own Personal Chef ...
At Salisbury Breads

The Solution to Your Summer Party Planning!

personal chef holiday

Have you ever wished you had your own Personal Chef?

Someone on hand who could take care of all the prep and fuss of making a delicious meal for your family or guests? PERSONAL CHEF — The Catering Service of Salisbury Breads is just that: Your chance to have a wonderful a brunch, lunch or dinner party … or maybe just a big house full of hungry weekend guests ... without all the work.
Stop in and plan your get-together today!
Learn More About Our Personal Chef Catering Services

Specialty Foods

At Salisbury Breads, we offer an splendid array of some true delights ... luxuries for when you’re feeling luxurious — yet at prices within reach. Some of our indulgences:

Country Pâté · Humus · Special Olives & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic Purée · Tangy Onion Confit

And be sure to try Bruce's Amazing
Special House Blended Cognac, Pistachio and Foie Gras Mousse
This delicacy is often requested by hosts at Hathaway Young events, and was hugely popular over the Christmas Holidays, so we’ve decided to take it “on the road” and offer this decadent mousse here at Salisbury Breads!

Ah, Caviar! ... Perfect for Special Occasions!
(or as a special treat for yourself...)

Caviar   Caviar

Salmon Roe (red caviar) — $22.50, four-ounce jar only
American Hackleback Sturgeon — $45, one ounce
Ossetra — $115.00, one ounce
Golden Ossetra —$125.00, one ounce
All orders come with blinis and crème fraîche

Caviar is available upon special request. And as with any of our fine foods, please don't hesitate to call us with any questions or unique inquiries: (860) 435-8835

Salisbury Breads Meets the Press

“Perhaps that is because word has spread about baguettes that rival any made in Paris.”
... Read more in the Litchfield County Times

“There’s nothing more alluring than the aroma of fresh baked bread, and now this scintillating scent is wafting through the streets of Salisbury.”
... Read more from Rural Intelligence

To Host a Special Event or for Fine Catering
— Ragamont House

“For special occasions what could be more extraordinary than a private affair hosted amid the carefully restored elegance of a stately Greek Revival home?
... Read more in the Litchfield County Times

What People Are Saying About Salisbury Breads
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“FINALLY there’s really great bread in the Northwest Corner ... Thank you so much.”
—Cindy and Max, Norfolk, CT

“I’ve become addicted to your sticky buns and Salisbury sweet rolls. My personal trainer thanks you.”
—Helen M., New York City

“As you know I buy a baguette and a ficelle every day, and they are just as delicious as my local bakery in Paris. Thank you so much for coming to the area.”—Thomas, Millerton, NY

“……I so enjoyed speaking with Bruce the baker and discussing all of his wonderful breads. I know my baking and he’s so knowledgeable!” —Anne G., Hudson, NY

“Our children start talking about your sticky buns the minute we leave the city, and of course the ficelles make great swords ... until they’re gobbled up!” —Brian and Susan, NYC

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back room

Everyone is always sooooo shy about peeking in the back room of Salisbury Breads, but feel free to wander to the rear and browse.
Loads of treats await you: Funky Antiques ... Unusual Gifts ... Unique Foodstuffs, including our killer, secret-recipe Granola ...
and our famous "Blue Baguette" funky t-shirts! Multiple sizes available.
All great and special gifts from our NWC!

pastaNow at Salisbury Breads —
Specialty Pasta!

If you think pasta is just pasta, you have yet to try Benedetto Cavalieri Artisanal Pasta in its distinctive blue and white bags. All your favorites, including Spaghettine, Penne Rigate, Farfalle, Orecchiette, Tagliatelle.

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