Madame Croissant Is Back!
and her oh-so sweet revenge ...

Madame Croissant

... what happened to me all summer. Well let me tell you, let me tell you ... after some help with a background check from my dear friend Edward Snowden, let me tell you that I’ve tossed Momo (my EX-fiancé Massimo Panettone, Duca di Ciabatta) out on his fortune-hunting gold plated keester! It turns out he was only interested in my houses, my Euros (in a numbered Swiss bank account), my jewels and my Recipes! One would think that after such a terrible discovery I’d have hidden my face in shame ... but Oh no, not I, not Madame Croissant! I survived Mussolini (after all I named him Il Dulce!), Tommy Manville (refused his pre-nup) ... why even Micky Rooney (I invented the Elevator Shoe for that runt) ... so some upstart of a no-count Italian Dook isn’t anything to stop me in my well-bread (!) tracks. Onward and upward, and now all I can think about is cracking the whip over my staff (they’re absolutely devoted to me ...) so that we can serve you the most delicious breads, pastries and other delicacies in the Northwest Corner! I will be here all Fall keeping an eye on things here at Salisbury Breads and certainly keeping an eye on my pocketbook!

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I'm in the Mood for Pecan-Pumpkin Pie— This time of year is my absolute favorite for cooking. Pretty much anything that you might want to eat is still available, and the cool evenings remind me of all my favorite comfort foods. And one of my favorite things to eat is a really easy pie that I learned how to make years ago in Boston while I was working in Quincy Market. Read more & leave your comments; we’d love to hear from you.

Just look how much deliciousness ...
pops out of one chic little shop!

. .
. .
. .
. .
. .
. Elegant Cake
. .
. .
. Cheese Assortment
. .
Alfajores Caviar
. Overflowing Berry Pies
Tomato-Olive-Onion Tart Flapjacks
Caviar Georgian Cheese Bread
. .

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Salisbury Breads Meets the Press

“Perhaps that is because word has spread about baguettes that rival any made in Paris.”
... Read more in the Litchfield County Times

“There’s nothing more alluring than the aroma of fresh baked bread, and now this scintillating scent is wafting through the streets of Salisbury.”
... Read more from Rural Intelligence

To Host a Special Event or for Fine Catering
— Hathaway Young

“For special occasions what could be more extraordinary than a private affair hosted amid the carefully restored elegance of a stately Greek Revival home?
... Read more in the Litchfield County Times

What People Are Saying About Salisbury Breads
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“FINALLY there’s really great bread in the Northwest Corner ... Thank you so much.”
—Cindy and Max, Norfolk, CT

“I’ve become addicted to your sticky buns and Salisbury sweet rolls. My personal trainer thanks you.”
—Helen M., New York City

“As you know I buy a baguette and a ficelle every day, and they are just as delicious as my local bakery in Paris. Thank you so much for coming to the area.”—Thomas, Millerton, NY

“……I so enjoyed speaking with Bruce the baker and discussing all of his wonderful breads. I know my baking and he’s so knowledgeable!” —Anne G., Hudson, NY

“Our children start talking about your sticky buns the minute we leave the city, and of course the ficelles make great swords ... until they’re gobbled up!” —Brian and Susan, NYC

Delights at Salisbury Breads

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